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Friday, October 6, 2017

Not the Nate I'm thinking of

Had my pre-op blood work done this AM and it took longer than I had anticipated.  Three tubes!  So now I'm running a bit behind.
Apologies to Rozzie for calling her Roxie yesterday, saw the error of my dyslexic fingers and couldn't correct until I got home.
Oh, and surprisingly, today is Friday and for once it actually is my Friday.  I was going to help my brother move... but now with lifting restrictions that's out.  Besides, I suspect his wife is still shriekingly angry at me for suggesting I put their dead cat in the freezer.  That, and wanting them to deal with their responsibility while they were on vacation. 
And more and more stories are filling up space regarding Rex Tillerson and the Moronic Idiot Jerk in the White House... (tell me, am I getting redundant?).  While I was waiting for them to use a needle to suck the blood out of my arm this morning, I perused a number of stories, mostly detailing the incompetence of the Idiot Jerk while filling his cabinet positions.  Bad hiring, they're calling it, compounded by the fact that he, himself, is a fucking moron... at least I think that's how Rex classified his boss.
And Nate, a name I've always liked, most likely because of a some sort of pre-conceived image of someone I've never met, looks like he's gearing up to hit the Gulf Coast on Sunday.  That's right, another hurricane is aiming for Trumplvania.  This is what you call really bad Karma.

Here's a nice Nate for you
And so it's off to work, on my Friday that's actually a Friday.


  1. unf, I wouldn't mind THAT nate in my bed!

    1. Evidently he's an actor... I just Googled Nate and he popped up.

  2. Get it right Dave, get it right! He's a FUCKING moron!

    Roxie (who didn't see yesterday's reply, but is giggling anyway)

    1. You're right, he's a FUCKING moron with the maturity level of a 13 year old, white supremacist, sexually predatory straight boy.