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Monday, October 16, 2017

Lifeboats this way

Well, here it is, Monday morning.  For some of you the weekend is over and it's back to work, for me?  Well, I worked the weekend.
Lily's 'Snout Magic' arrives today.  She's not the only one with dry nose.  Big Seig's got a bit around the corners of his nostrils, which means he'll get a dab as well.  Besides, he'd feel bad if she got her nose balmed and he didn't.  They're dogs, you know?  Like little kids, jealous of what the other gets.
I did about 20 minutes on the Kinetic trainer this AM.  I'm on the fence as to whether I like it or not - I am fairly sure, however, that it wasn't completely worth what I paid.  I'm on my 2nd resistance unit.  They replaced the first because of Bluetooth issues - it wouldn't stay connected to either my phone or my tablet.  Because I'm using cyclocross tires the calibration is poor so I'm really getting accurate readings.  Details for setting up the tension on the resistance unit are very vague, like "tighten the tension knob until tire touches the unit and the add 2 or 3 turns."  I have nobby tires so only the nubs of the tire touch, not the tire itself.  What they really want is for you to buy one of their 'special' training tires.  If they wanted you to use a special tire, one should have been included with the purchase. Cheapo me went out and bought an inexpensive road bike tire - that will do.  Oh, and calling myself 'cheapo' is only a phrase, I'm actually rather expensive.
And, being that it's Monday morning, I checked to see if the Idiot Jerk's approval ratings continue to erode... they do.  I specifically went to Fox to see if they were giving him a ray of sunshine... nada.  They're actually rather quiet.  I don't know if that means they're satisfied that his approval rating is beginning to edge below 38% or whether they're just happy the damn thing isn't sinking any faster.  You know what I mean, if you don't talk about it, his supporters won't notice the bow slipping below the surface.
Actually, that's not quite right, Juan Williams, a political commentator with Fox News just published an article calling the Idiot Jerk a failed president.  We all know that to be true.  In fact, I suspect that's his way of holding up a little sign which reads "lifeboats this way." 


  1. "a failed president" - intelligent people KNEW that before the dump took office!

  2. And now some of the stupid ones are finding it out... just a few.

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