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Friday, October 13, 2017


Well, here it is, Friday the 13th and I'm off work - I requested the day off, not because I'm in the least bit superstitious, but if I didn't pick a specific day I might have ended up working 8 days in a row.
I plan to accomplish a lot today, but know if I end up chalking 4 or 5 things off a very long list I will be satisfied, getting more done will be groovy gravy.
Amazon sent me an email  letting me know that my order for Destiny 2 (PC version) will be shipping early and I should get it on 10/23, which is nice since previously all 3 new games were going to arrive on 10/27.  This means I'll get to start killing alien scum sooner than I thought.  For those who don't know what Destiny 2 is, trailer is below.

And what about that Idiot Jerk in the White House?  Evidently he just issued another Executive Order which stops government reimbursements to insurers which offset the cost of premiums to low income individuals.  He so desperately wants to be a dictator, wants to crush people's lives with the dash of a pen.  One of the main reasons the repeal of the ACA failed was because so many lower income people who had health coverage would no longer be able to afford that coverage.  The Idiot Jerk doesn't care about those people - he never has.
I saw where Bob was lambasting those bonehead Log Cabin Republicans in a Not My President section.  I paid a visit to their website.  These people are really, really screwed up in the head.  If you have a barn and it catches fire, there are certain animals who, when taken out of the burning building, will rush back inside.  That's what Log Cabin Republicans do, and they do it so cluelessly.  They want to be devoutly, pro-gun, social conservatives without realizing that multitudes upon multitudes of devoutly, pro-gun, social conservatives want to lock them all up inside their log cabin and set the damn thing ablaze.  They are a stupid people who willingly give their dollars to candidates who want to pen them up in internment camps.  They will never learn.  The barn door is open, the barn is turning into an inferno, and they will stand their lowing the lamentable "I support you... I support you... I support you."  This is their destiny.  


  1. the LCR are a joke; "thank you sir may I have another" as dump's dictatorship kicks their asses time and time again.

    1. You can almost hear the mewling "which way to the burning building."