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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Lilly has a dry nose

That's right, she does.  I noticed her nose looked a bit funny, in a tiny, lumpy kind of way yesterday morning.  A quick check online identified the problem - dry nose.  Evidently certain breeds are more susceptible than others and Boxers happen to be one of those breeds.  There were lots of pictures of noses, some in really bad shape.  An order of Snout Smooth is being delivered tomorrow.  We'll see how well it works.

The lady Lillian
A little bit of balm will cure her problem, the Idiot Jerk in the White House?  He's a bomb of a different color.  Watching him in action is kind of like watching all the ingredients of hatred slowly being emulsified in a blender.  He speaks to a hate group and his ever shrinking group of supporters cheer.  I saw that some moron named Gorka, a sack of shit who used to be one of the Idiot's advisers... (he had something to do with the Idiot Jerk in the White House) also spoke to the same hate group.  Gorka evidently got kicked off the Idiot Jerk's staff because he was such an obvious White Supremacist, which tells you exactly where this particular hate group is headed.
Anyway, there was this  bit in Bloomberg about how the liberal media was kicking the snot out of the Idiot Jerk.  What what so beautiful about the article was the specific point on how his supporters are basically devolving into 'cult' status.  I liked the bit about how his base even cheers when he denigrates the First Amendment, but then what more could you expect from a group that has been breed for their loyalty not their intelligence.  The article is spot on.  Conservatives are not only trying to isolate America from anything which might lead to revolutionary ideals, they are fervently binding their own beliefs into a tight little knot which treats a majority of Americans not only as though they were fresh off the boat immigrants, but as illegal aliens as well.  They are desperately trying to anoint themselves as the only true Americans.
Where as on Monday evening I'll be able to rub some soothing balm on Lilly's nose, the only thing they're going to do is continue to explode in a confined space of their own making.


  1. "the only thing they're going to do is continue to explode in a confined space of their own making" - and eat each other alive (I'm a conservative; no you're not, I'M a conservative). it's fun watching the implosion of total idiots!

    1. What makes this even funnier is that this was not a highly contested election, a large number of voters stayed home because they thought Clinton had it wrapped up. They don't understand that squeaking in through the Electoral College does not make them a majority.

      I'm sure Lilly will be better by Wednesday or Thursday, not that her dry noes has slowed her down much.