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Thursday, October 5, 2017

He fingers... she speaks

So, yesterday I drove down to the Lebanon VA Hospital to speak to my surgeon.  Interestingly, he told me that my hernia was old, that I'd had it for some time, and that my going to the gym regularly, strength training, and extensive bits of cardio had exacerbated the problem.  What ever... it's getting fixed on November 14, which is 6 days after my birthday.  What I have to look forward to is 2 days of discomfort, 12 days of Rest and Relaxation, and then 2 more weeks before I'm fit enough to start hitting the gym again.  I cannot wait.
After my consultation, I stopped in to take a pee and saw large poster of an attractive man holding an ax posted above the urinal.  What caught my eye was the headline:  Don't fear the finger.

Now, even though this was meant to be taken seriously, I had to laugh, in fact, I'm still laughing.  In fact, I suspect there are a lot of men out there, both gay and straight, who will be laughing with me.
Oh, and evidently Rex Tillerson may, or may not have, called the Idiot Jerk in the White House a moron.  An article in the Washington Post pretty much indicates that because this is making headlines, it's a pretty good indicator that he is in a death spiral.  We all know that the Idiot Jerk is cursed with an horrendous ego problem, and he must find the idea that one of his cabinet members my possibly have called him a moron must be shattering.  As I said to Rozzie, maybe we should start a pool, wagering which rat will jump ship next.
And here's a bit more of Assassins Creed, Origins.  Cleopatra speaks.  Gaming is not what you think it is.

Don't you wish you could ski down a pyramid like that?


  1. I'm laughing, too. At the ad and Tillerson speaking the truth!

    1. Maybe the point was to drive home the finger with humor... and Tillerson? The Idiot Jerk moron doesn't want a State Department anyway.

  2. tillerson speaks truth!

    and yeah, the lumberjack IS yummy! don't fear the reaper either!

    1. Oh, and it looks like the Idiot Jerk threw a shit fit from hell when he found out on Wednesday. Yippee