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Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Real Deal

So, here it is... Thursday.  I get to work today and then I have off a day.
We had some DeWalt tools walk out of our Front Door yesterday.  Well, they didn't really walk, someone carried them out... without paying.  And then they drove as quickly as possible to the next closest store and returned them... for store credit.  Idiots.  Store credits have changed.  There was a time when you could return something without a receipt, get a store credit, and then sell it on Ebay to anyone in the country.  Now, when a store credit is issued, they scan / swipe your driver's license or state ID and that credit can only be activated by that particular ID.  Some people get angry when they find this out.  This keeps people from selling them for cold, hard cash, or on the Internet.  Oh, and if you don't have a legitimate ID you can't get a store credit.  Sorry.
Oh, and I saw on Towleroad link that Steven Bannon only gives the Idiot Jerk a 30% chance of surviving through his entire first term.  Like... what's surprising about that?  I'm amazed he's made it this long.  He's kind of like mold, you know? 
And I check out the Idiot Jerk's approval ratings, and, as usual, they are very low.  Even the crazy to the right propaganda team at Faux News can only manage to get him up to 42%.  That's kind of funny since that network gushes forth every time he Tweets out a turd, treating it as though it were the most tastiest of Bonbons.

The real deal... not a Trumpy Treat
So, my dining room has pretty much a wall of windows in this wide, but not so deep, alcove that used to hold a window seat.  Originally I thought I might buy some decorative mirrors to reflect the drapes and the windows and the rooms... and then I started looking at prices.  And then I thought... hey! I work in a Home Improvement Store!  I can make something which looks very similar for... oh, say $20.  I mean, I am a Home Decor Specialist after all.


  1. "I mean, I am a Home Decor Specialist after all." - you should speak with mistress maddie. now SHE is a home décor specialist extraordinaire!