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Friday, October 20, 2017

Taking one for the Team

So, yesterday I called Corporate HR to cancel my insurance since my Medicare payments begin on November 1.  I ended up getting cranky.  You see, I can't cancel until the day "my life changing event happens," and even then there will be 2 more monthly deductions.  I was told not to worry, I'd be reimbursed.  And, as I said, I got cranky.  When you get hired, and sign up for insurance, it starts to get deducted on you very first check.  I did apologize to the woman I was speaking to, noting that she was dealing with the limitations corporate had saddled her with, and that she was really only following a policy set by someone else.
I did some bench presses this AM - which is pretty much all that I can do.  Walking is great, I'm told - on an average I walk the equivalent of 3 miles per day... in the store.  Anything that exercises my core muscles is evidently out of bounds until this hernia gets fixed.   Shit.
I also had the oil changed in my car yesterday... and there's a spot on the tailgate where the paint has chipped off, not big, about an inch long and a quarter inch wide.  I was told that they sell touch-up paint... and that made me cranky, I mean the car is only 18 months old, paint shouldn't be chipping off.
Oh, and John Kelly gave an emotional speech about the death of his son in combat.  I hate to be the cynical one, but my feeling is that he took a hit for the team.  He opened up a painful wound in order for people to feel sorry for the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Unfortunately he lost me when he said he was "stunned" to hear this woman's Congresswoman was in the room when she received the call.  Excuse me, but how many people were in the room with the Idiot Jerk when he placed the call?  How many people were actually listening to what Kelly believes was a "private" conversation.  Was there, perhaps, a photographer there to document this "private" moment?  Wouldn't surprise me, you know?  To get the proof, so to speak.  I can even imagine photos and videos showing up in campaign ads.
Will the Idiot Jerk get a slight boost in the polls because of Kelly's speech?  Perhaps among Republicans.  Mostly, I think not.  People realize just what kind of self-serving asshole the Idiot Jerk is, that any compassion he shows is totally ego driven.  When he complained how other presidents hadn't made those difficult calls, he did so, not because he knew they were emotionally draining, rather that's the sort of thing he dumped on a secretary, someone who might actually care.


  1. kelly sucks dump's dick; I've lost respect for him.

    1. And his recollection of certain events turns out to be seriously flawed.