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Friday, October 13, 2023


 Friday!  The last day of decent weather.  Rain is on the way for tomorrow.  Of course, some friends from work will get married in the rain, though I suspect they'll be moving the ceremony in doors.  Temps are supposed to drop, too.  We'll be in the mid 50s (F) for a few days before climbing up into the mid 60s (F).  This is typical weather for this time of the year.

I used my new dishwasher for the first time yesterday.  First lesson learned:  do not use Auto.  It's like a slow motion wash taking over 3 hours (that includes the dry time).  From now on I'll just use Normal.  I can download settings if I want, but it's only me and my dishes and I don't see the need to do a deep dive into dishwasher specialization.

The granite countertop has been ordered.  Well, that's not quite right, it won't be ordered until they come and verify my measurements.  That should be in 7 - 10 days after the template has been approved.  Installation means I will have to remove everything from my cabinets.  The base cabinets are not going to be repainted until after the installation just in case there's dinging, and scratching.  I've chose a Summer Beach granite, which is similar to this.  It'll be interesting to see what the actual slab looks like.

I wasn't surprised to see that Steve Scalise dropped out of the race to be Speaker of the House, he couldn't get the necessary votes.  Chaos reigns in the House.  These problems were created by a small group of hardline conservatives who seem to be proving daily that they have no clue as to how to govern.  Because of their incompetence, they're going to lose badly this election cycle.  Good for them.

And, not surprisingly, a vast majority of Israelis blame Netanyahu for the Hamas terrorist attack.  I've said before that both Hamas and Hezbollah sat back and watched as Netty pushed the country into chaos when he tried to change their Supreme Court in order to keep his corrupt ass from going to jail.  This has always been a problem for conservatives who have always put their own self-interests first.  I wasn't surprised to see that Netty chose to form an interim government with the opposition party, he's desperately trying to keep from looking like the worst Prime Minister Israel has ever had.


  1. Netanyahu made his bed. Now he's going to lay on it. That's the problem with stupid populists who do not have idea of how to govern.

    As for the Repugs, well, they went all out (they really wanted to please Jabba the Orange with that indictment circus) and they never, ever thought of the repercussions of their tantrums. Of course they didn't. Those are others that are all for show. Bring the popcorn.

    And I have never understood dishwashers. I usually put in the little cushion with the product, make sure there's that after-dry liquid and press 'on'. Apparently they're more environmentally friendly than washing dishes by hand?


    1. Jordan is going to be nominated, but he'll never get the 217 votes he needs, so they all went home for the weekend.

  2. I won’t comment on the awful Middle East issue
    But I will comment on the dishwasher issue
    I’ve never had one
    And I don’t see the point
    Someone enlighten me

    1. Why ask to be enlightened when you've obviously already reached a decision?

  3. Replies
    1. They did that, they removed themselves until Monday.

  4. I like the look of that marble (won't show the crumbs)!

    1. I might have a problem if I spill any red wine, though