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Monday, October 2, 2023

Matty's problem

 And it's Monday, and the temps are suppose to be climbing up into the mid 80s (F).  That means I might have to turn on one the ceiling fan in the bedroom.  Sun is supposed to shine all day, meaning my lawn is going to grow, grow, grow.  No rain is in the forecast, but mowing is.  Probably take care of that chore on Wednesday.  I've too many other things that need to be done tomorrow... like turn off the water to the kitchen sink and cut the pipes.

Yesterday was slow at work... mostly.  I did get asked a few questions, and managed to get in a measure, and processed a sale, but mostly I sat at the flooring desk.  I did watch a YouTube video on installing an LG dishwasher.  It looks to be easy peasy.  If you're thinking of undertaking a home project, and this is something I recommend to the customers I talk to, watch YouTube videos, just keep in mind that so many people are posting there, you're going to get good videos and bad videos.  Don't just watch one and think you're an expert... you might be watching one of those that isn't that accurate.  

I have a friend who's been touring Italy (she arrives in Paris this morning) and most of the pictures she's been sending are of food.  Here's one of them:

And, of course, the country's debt ceiling is safe for another 45 days.  I found it fascinating that some Republicans are furious that both Republican Senators and Congressmen voted with Democrats to get this agenda passed, which says a lot about them.  There are certain members of the GOP who refuse to vote on any bill that Democrats are involved with.  This is what we've come to expect from the party that so desperately wants to say "shut up, we're in charge."  For them, compromise is dead, murdered by Newty Gingrich.

Probably the other funny thing, funnier than Taylor Swift pissing off Conservatives, is that there appears to be a plan to expel Matt Gaetz from Congress, mostly because his dating habits, teenage girls seem to be part of his agenda.  Now you have to admit, isn't it both hilarious and telling as hell that nobody likes him?  Remember that video clip back when McCarthy was trying to get the speakership and someone pulled Matty aside to give him a word of advice?  Matty was frowning so badly afterwards, but he voted for McCarthy.  Well, he seems to have flushed that advice down the drain.  The fact that people are saying this is a good possibility, that Matty will get kicked out before George Sanchez, is quite titillating.  I'm sure his daddy's none too happy, especially after it cost him so much money to get Matty elected.


  1. See yet another thing Matt Gaetz and his well known liking of young girls. Yet, he gets away with it. The guy up the street would be jailed already. Just to show Rank has its privileges.

    It was a glorious weekend it New Hope. It was nice to be back in the land of extreme liberals and colorful people and characters.

    1. You have to remember, there's a bit difference between Republicans and Democrats: the Republicans accept any behavior, Democrats don't.

  2. Oh, if you're in Europe food is a MUST. Yum.
    And the repugs are in absolute disarray. Those numbers in the vote! Seriously.
    Kevin is in trouble but Rapey McForehead's penchant for seventeen year old girls is gonna catch up with him. Rumors are that investigation into his 'dating habits' with Venmo is in Kevin's hands...
    One can only wish...

  3. I've used Youtube tutorials for so many things - in particular problems with my phone or computer. What on earth did we do before the internet!!!