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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Mike Johnson's heresy

 Hello Weekend.

Today's high is again predicted to hit 80 (F), yesterday we only got up to 76 (F), though that's warm enough for this time of year.  Any day my furnace doesn't run is a good day.  Tomorrow, rain is supposed to bring a temp drop, so it's going to be back to jackets for the time being.  

Yesterday was one of those semi-productive / semi-unproductive days.  Certain things (like working on the big tank) were accomplished, while others (sanding down the cabinets) were not.  Hopefully, the sanding will get done before I head off to work this afternoon.  

I read an interesting article on Milkweed and butterflies this morning.  Evidently, it's a magnet for Monarchs, and Lady Bugs, and gossamer wing insects (what ever they are), so I might have to invest in some for the front yard, perhaps outside of the dog fence since they're none edible plant, and we know how dogs will eat anything.

I have roses blooming again, but it's too early in the morning to go out and take pictures.  Yes, it's dark outside, so I'll include an old one.

And haven't the Republicans created their own little firestorm by electing Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House.  Holy crap!  Here's what Dan McClellan, a biblical scholar who hose away the crap spewing from Johnson's mouth.  


  1. Put simply: Johnson is a fucknut.

  2. The buddleia that I have outside my front door (which I massacred yesterday) is commonly known as the arbre à papillons and very pretty too. I'll have to look out for milkweed though as I love to see the butterflies!

    1. I can buy seeds on Amazon, so I may set myself up for next spring.