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Saturday, October 14, 2023

Lunge into this

 So, I accidently slept in this morning.  I forgot to set the alarm and subsequently didn't get out of bed until nearly 7.  That almost an hour and a half later than usual.  I got over 7 hours sleep, so I suppose I must have needed it.

Outside we have a slow drizzle that's supposed to turn into steady showers which will continue most of the day.  Two of my friends from work are getting married today.  When I was told the wedding was supposed to be outside, I wondered why they'd plan something like that this late in mid-October.  I wasn't invited, which is fine since we're more of acquaintances than friends.  

I bought a plant stand for the side window in the kitchen.  It was so cheap I needed to wear rubber glovers because the stain rubbed off on my hands.  Right now it's wood tone, I'm going to take a sponge to it, clean off as much of the stain as possible and paint it the color of my kitchen cabinets.  

So, I've reached one of those painful decisions we all need consider at some point in our lives as we get older.  After crawling around on the floor working on the kitchen renovation, and knowing there's going to be much, much more crawling around, I've decided that I really need to start doing squats and lunges.  You have no idea how much I hate doing leg work, but I need to work on building up strength in cire muscles and there's only one way to do that.  Merde.

The news from Gaza is bad.  It's only going to get worse.  Unfortunately, the only way to break the power of the jihad is to crush Hamas.  Casualties will be high.

For amusement in this country, we have the Republican party.  I don't believe they understand that their incompetence makes them look... well, terrible.  They put together rules that permitted Matty Gaetz to fire that nincompoop McCarthy without a replacement in the wings.  Scalise was going to try and win the gavel, but he has some form of cancer and Republicans don't like people who are sick.  Now, little Jimmy Jordan has managed to get the nomination, however there aren't enough stupid people willing to vote for that little asshole.  So, what do the Republicans do?  They take the weekend off.  I'm sure they're burning up their phone lines trying to get their act together, but don't expect anything resolution any time soon.  They're going to lose their majority because they simply refuse to work with Democrats.  There was a time when that was not the case.


  1. MAGAts House members are holding the party hostage and MAGAt voters are too stupid to see this as a bad thing.

    1. Independent voter do, however, not that the cult would ever take that into consideration.

  2. When I read about your knees I thought you were going to say give up and pay someone (ha, that's what I would do)! Gone are the days of just dropping down to do some gardening and springing right back up!

    1. I really hate leg exercises, still, I'm going to grit my teeth and see what I can accomplish.