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Friday, October 27, 2023

Long Term

 We have rain moving into the picture.  Temps are not going to hit the low 80s (F) as forecasters had predicted.  Instead, we might make it up into the high 70s (F) today and tomorrow before the temps drop like a rock on Sunday.  Those low temps mean the leaves are going to fall in a flood of color covering my lawn.  Eventually, they'll be mowed.  

Yesterday I got up real early thinking that I'd get a lot done.  Wrong.  My enthusiasm for chores waned soon after I'd finished the blog entry.  Part of the problem was my neighbor.  She cleans on Thursdays, and that means she plays some sort of dancy, pop music loud enough for me to hear the base line.  My old neighbors were quiet for the most part, except when, drunk on his ass, he playing his screaming electric guitar around 2 in the morning because he desperately wanted to be a rock star.   Having bad background music while I painted the kitchen was not something I'd planned on.  I'm used to having things relatively quiet.  

So, this pic I took from the MRI my Specialist had done on my lower spine 9 years ago popped up in my Facebook feed.  I doubt very much if things have improved between L4 and L5, in fact by this time L3 and L4 might even be fused.

You can list this next bit under "Things I shouldn't find Surprising."  Evidently around 31% of all Evangelicals have no problem using violence to achieve their goals.  If that isn't frightening enough, some of these nut bags are in Congress, like Mike Johnson, who said in a statement that he thought his getting elected as Speaker of the House was ordained.  I don't know why it is that Cracker Jack Crazy Christians believe that God is on their side if and when they go to war.  That has never proven to be the case.  Take the Crusades, for example.  Many, many lives were lost as Christians fought to take back the Holy Lands from the Muslims and all you have to do is look at a current map to see how unsuccessful they were.  The fact that they always end up losing might be a really big sign that God doesn't want them to go to war.  In fact, it seems as though the only time Christians ever win is when the totally annihilate an indigenous people, and even then their success rate is... barely adequate in the long term.  But, like Republicans, one thing you can count on is that they will never learn a lesson.


  1. If "God" wanted Mikey to be Speaker why wait so long???
    It took God eight years to oradin him.

    1. They always have a problem with the time thing.

  2. I think my neighbours must have been so glad when my ex moved out - him and his playing the same few bars of any song over and over again ad nauseum while getting progressively smashed! Mind you, they probably jumped for joy when my kids moved out too - there's only so much Guns n Roses anyone can take!

    1. The noise level they generate is really not bad at all, except for Cleaning Thursdays when I suspect she dances as she dusts and vacuums.