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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Plumb This

October has arrived.

Sunday has arrived!  The temps are supposed to climb up into the lower 80s (F).  I don't doubt there will be those out there calling it the beginning of Indian summer.  Wrong.  Indian summer happens after the first frost, which is when the temps drop down to around freezing, 32 (F).  That's probably not going to happen for at least a month... if it happens then.  Climate change, you know?  If this year is similar to the last 2 we're going to have a bit of a deep freeze in mid-to late December, possibly another 2 weeks of really cold temps in January, but the rest of the winter will be mild, at least for Central PA.

For those who don't know, today is Homemade Cookie Day.  Guess who is not going to be making any cookies?  I did completely debox the dishwasher this morning, and it looks as though I might be doing that install myself.  Yippee!  And it also looks as though I'll be doing the plumbing for the sink, as well.  I figure, if it can save me $400 why not.  I have done plumbing before.  I also have a somewhat Ace in the Hole, as Jon, the PT who's giving me PT advice on The Body in Motion, is also a plumbing specialist.  I guess I'll find out just how good he is.  At his suggestion, I've already bought some supplies.

And, as you all know, Congress avoided the dreaded shutdown again.  This was after Mitch McConnell said the Senate Republicans would not vote for the 45 day extension.  What is telling is that in the House of Representatives, Republicans voted with the Democrats to move this piece of legislation forward.  90 Republicans voted against it, including Green and Gaetz, voted against it.  When push came to shove, Centrist Republicans pushed back against the shoving crazies.  Their party is in disarray.  Chaos reigns.  Will these hardliners learn their lesson?  Nope.  These are the diehards of the "just say no," party, the ones who so desperately want to say "shut up! we're in charge."  Their end is nigh, brought on by the Spawn of Satan, Donald Trump.


  1. Good for you for doing the plumbing yourself. I'm sitting here waiting for my plumber to arrive, although to be fair he did say he would be late today!

    1. It's evidently not that difficult, thanks to the new tools available, things like sharkbites which eliminate the need to solder