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Sunday, October 15, 2023

How Democracy wins

Yesterday it rained.  There is still a slight drizzle falling.  From the container I have out back, I'd say we got almost 3 inches.  Now temps are dropping, but it's not going to be nearly as cool as the forecasters were predicting, our daily highs are still going to be climbing up into the low to mid 60s (F).  I have the heat set at 70 (F), and so far it runs rarely.

As I'd said yesterday, two of my friends from work, Tony and Brandon, got married yesterday.  The wedding was supposed to have been outside.  I understand they had a lot of canopies for their guests to stand under.  I told one of my friends to take his "floaties" just in case.  I'll find out today how everything went.

I had a nice chat with the kitchen designer yesterday and he asked if I was going to drive down to Philly (Philadelphia) to pick out the slab of granite I want for my countertop.  I told him no, so he showed me how to get toe the MSI (the installers) website to look at their inventory.  Of course, the slab I like has some issues, he said there's probably some pitting in the surface.  He also told me they may be able to use that slab since I've only got 41 square feet to cover and the slab is 69 square feet.  I'll find out when they call to set up the appointment to create the template.

Also, the new flooring is here.  Only 8 boxes (I ordered extra just in case), and except for one, they're all sitting in the back of my car.  I opened one and set out a few tiles.  This is what they look like against the sink cabinet, which has been primered, but not painted yet.

I've heard that little Jimmy Jordan and his team of insurrectionists are making a big push to get Republican congressmen to vote him into the Speaker of the House position.  While Republicans are publicly saying that his is a lost cause,  I consider every loss he suffers through to be fitting.  Some conservatives call him a little firebrand, they're wrong.  He's an authoritarian instigator and insurrectionist.  Every time he loses, Democracy wins.  


  1. They say "conservative," I say "pedophile enabler."
    They say "firebrand," I say "traitor."

  2. I'm liking that floor very much!!!! And I don't know about you but I would never have planned an outdoor wedding in PA. While they could get lucky I think the chances are it would be just too cold, never mind the rain!

    1. I like the flooring, too. I was originally though something marbly would look good, but I like this better. And in Central PA, October's the same as March. Indoor activities only.