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Monday, September 11, 2023

The Unachievable

 Can you believe a another work week has arrived on our doorsteps?  And it's raining... well, that's not quite right, it's drizzling, but that will pass.  We do have a lot of humidity, the spongey kind that makes everything sticky.  I can do without it.  

Sales were down yesterday, but I did get two measures, one of which is a tile floor.  That is odd.  Here in central PA some people will tile the floor in their kitchen, but it's rare to have the entire first floor tiled, mostly because we do experience winter here and the temps can drop below freezing.  That makes for a cold floor that can easily drain your body heat away even through the thickest pair of socks.

One of the things you need to do when you write is create protagonist (s) that are interesting to the reading public.  Some authors do this by giving them little quirks: Hercule Poirot had his moustache, Adam Dahlgliesh wrote esoteric poetry.  My two guys, Eli and Max, like their wine, in fact they are quite often found with glass in hand.  This being said, I thought I'd do a little video about some affordable wines they might drink.  On occasion they ride their bicycles, but mostly they dink their wine.  As a side note, the music playing in the background is a song I wrote and recorded a long time ago.

And, of course, a new week means more political shenanigans by the Republicans.  Over the weekend, just in case some of you missed it, Marjorie Taylor Dumb Ass has now said that the House might want to slow down their impeachment proceedings against Biden even though he has done nothing impeachable.  Remember, their strategy has always been to be on the offense, even if they need to create fictional crimes. the proverbial dead horse.  The truth is that impeaching Biden for nothing would actually help Biden in his re-election campaign, while heaping additional hurt onto the GOP is beyond their ken.  Their sole intention is to try and make Biden look worse than Trump, a completely unachievable goal. Me?  I'm gleefully hoping they proceed.


  1. Five glasses of wine? Amateurs!

    Have you yourself do indeed love wine I highly recommend the trip to Napa in Sonoma Valley in California. One of the best trips hands down I've ever had in the US. We spent pretty close to 4 days hitting wine and sparkling wine vineyards.

  2. Having lived in California we were often in Napa and Sonoma and the Foothills for wine tasting; it's where I learned to love me some of the grape.
    As for the GOP, Large Marge has been squawking for months about having the evidence to impeach Biden and NOW she wants to slow down? This makes them look stupid already, er, MORE stupid.

    1. Wine is healthy! And someone must have told Marge that without evidence and impeachment is futile.

  3. Ohhh loved the wine details! I don't drink a lot of wine, but those sounded yummy.
    And yes, characters with quirks are the best!

    As for Large Marge (LOL the nickname) and her stupid shenanigans you are right: it's the proverbial horse. They've got nothing.
    I also read that Cheeto tweaked the GOP elections in California and that's gonna fuck Meatball Ron's chances of winning the nomination. Expected.


    1. One of the characters in my last book was called Largie Margie... And the GOP keeps screwing themselves over, and over, and over.