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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Newty's Doody

 Well, it's Mittwoch, formerly known as Wondenstag until the 10th century, when people decided that Woden wasn't special enough to have a day named after him.

The weather was nice yesterday, not that I was outside that much.  While I did clean the living room tank, most of the day was spent on my kitchen floor.  There was a bit of a raging date in my head for about 30 minutes on whether I should take the flooring down to the hardwood or now.  Harwood floors are an asset when it comes to resale, but the floors in my kitchen have suffered greatly during the 118 years they have been tread upon.  Originally, there would have been a large iron coal stove which would have been used for heating as well as cooking.  Yes, this house is that old.  As a result, cinders and hot coals have scared the wood.  Then, when plumbing came in, there was evidently a problem with sinks, not that they leaked, but locating them in the correction place.  Because of this, there are a number of holes about one foot in from the wall around the perimeter.  There are other holes, as well, that were made when the coal stove went out and radiators came in.  After much back and forth in my head, I've decided to leave the floors covered and go with my initial plan of putting down vinyl planks.

Here's a pic of the progress.  The window and all of the holes are going to be covered with drywall.

And, as expected, there is still blowback coming from Republicans about the informal dress code.  Susan Collins began threatening to wear a bikini.  Someone should take her aside and let her know that there's a difference between Fetterman in his hoodies and shorts and her fat ass and her floppy boobies.  Sadly, she feels her absurdity will make a point, and in her own true Susan Collins style she's failing. 

Not surprising, the hard core right wing of the Republican party in the House of Representatives is going to screw over, (are you ready for this?) their own party.  Newt Gingrich has groomed the Just Say No party extremely well.  Kev McCarthy, in an unusual moment, stated that this will hurt the party more than it will the Biden administration.  However, Newty did his doody well and taught them to be extremists; unless you get your demands, Just Say No.  This is like watching a tank of toothless piranhas gnaw each other to death. 


  1. And the changes to the dress code are not an everyday thing; there are still sessions where the usual coats and ties are required, but, again, this is the GOP deflecting away from their ineptitude to talk clothes.

    1. And their ineptitude is pissing off a lot of Republicans.

  2. If Susan Collins came in in a bikini they have to make sure everybody had barf bags.

    I can't wait to see what your kitchen is going to look like when it's done. And I love that brick exposed wall? That would be a nice touch in the kitchen. Will that remain exposed?

    1. The brick wall is actually the chimney, and it's staying. It adds a lot of character to the room.

    2. I agree Dave. I have aways thought your home looks warm.

  3. I think it would be a good idea to cover the floor. After more than a hundred years of abuse, the poor dears are probably exhausted.
    Love the exposed brick, BTW.

    And the Repugs do all the performative shit they can cause they CANNOT govern. There. I heard Fetterman said that if they authorize some things with the military, he'd wear a suit. I love his sense of humor.
    And you read how the repugs are looking for actors who look like him to make him look bad with the media? Idiots. The GQP is the party of the conspiracies.