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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Born Stupid

 Well, it's Tuesday... and it's still raining.  Not the steady soaking rains we had with Ophelia, but showery drizzles that are more of an annoyance than anything else.  They will,  at least according to the forecasters, end today.  Tomorrow things are supposed to brighten up and the temps are supposed to rise.  Today's high is only predicted to reach 60 (F).

As expected, yesterday was terrible for retail.  Again we failed to reach forecast.  In an odd sort of way, we're repeating the way things were prior to the pandemic.  Back then our plan was also high and many stores failed to reach it, but they came close.  Todays numbers don't do that, they are soooo low that our expected sales' goal is unreachable.  This is fine.  This is how corporations learn.  Wall Street will learn that greed has its limitations.

The new dishwasher arrives today.  I'm sort of excited.  I'd be more so if the cabinet was ready and it could be pushed into where it's supposed to go.  That won't happen until sometime next week.  I'm probably going to buy a case or two of water to help make it through the days when I'll be without a sink.  There's a faucet upstairs, but I don't really want to carry Lily's water bowl up and down the stairs.  Cooking is not going to happen since cleaning dirty dishes will be a hassle, unless I want to wash them in the bathroom sink.

And, of course, I do like dropping hints about my next book, and I don't think I've dropped this one so far, and it might be rhetorical, or it my be integral, but how might a stage lift come into play?

So, the question has been asked, what do you do when there are 2 unpopular candidates campaigning for the presidency?  Biden has his age, and Trump?  Well, let's be honest here, he has more baggage than Beyonce has people in her entourage, and believe me, Beyonce travels big.  Logically, you would choose the candidate with the least amount of issues, sadly, there is that group of people out there who will just sit on their thumbs and not vote rather than cast their ballot for the better of the two.  I don't understand that reasoning.  Do these people think that nothing's going to happen if by some horrific chance Trump gets elected?  Perhaps they don't.  You would think they would after Hillary's defeat.  But then, some people were just born stupid. 


  1. I'll take age over racist rapist traitor any day.

  2. Oh, I'd take Uncle Joe instead of the several-times-impeached, corrupt, racist, rapist, orange man-child every day. Also, Cheeto is only three years younger than Uncle Joe and quickly declining. And his waistline tells us there are many possible pre-existing conditions in his future. Not to mention the mental decline and the Adderall...


    1. Trump's mental deterioration seems to have picked up, too.

  3. So, the question has been asked, what do you do when there are 2 unpopular candidates campaigning for the presidency?

    Drink more gin, hope the next 4 years goes quick, and then we have better choices in the next election!!!

  4. Hmmmm, a stage lift??? A Phantom of the Opera kind thing going on?