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Friday, September 29, 2023

The Bastard Republican Child

 Friday... and it's raining... again.  There is a steady drizzle falling which is going to keep me from mowing my front lawn this afternoon.  Temps were supposed to shoot up into the low 70s (F), but now I see on my Accuweather app that they're not going to get out of the 60s (F).  Now the sunny days and warm temps are supposed to happen while I'm at work.  Isn't that how it seems to go?  

Yesterday, I feel I got a lot done.  Today hopefully is going to be a repeat.  Some painting needs to be done in the kitchen: cabinets.  The only demo happening will be the removal of the sink cabinet, which will happen first.  Then the drywall will be hung.  After that, the new sink base will be installed (the drywall behind it doesn't need to be finished, and the other 5 cabinets will be installed.  I'm not going to order the new flooring until that's done.  Tuesday, Lindsey is bringing the drywall, which will mean more clutter.

I really do hate clutter.

I made a three bean salad yesterday with just a touch of jalapeño pepper heat and a bit of shredded Swiss cheese.  

I did get a big laugh when I saw Raw Story did a piece on Newt (Just Say No) Gingerich's confusion with the current GOP.  You'll notice that I did include the famous lesson he taught: Just Say No.  Back in the 1990s that was his call to arms.  Hold the Democratic president hostage until he concedes.  Now, it seems as though old Newty wants to disparage the spawn of his political loins.  The fact that he failed to grasp his tutorage would lead to the inevitable breakdown of the GOP, indicates how little time and forethought he gave to this policy and where it would lead.  Now, instead of shrieking "what have I done!" he's looking at the hardliners in the House and whining "what's wrong with you?"  It was he who set the Republican party on this political course, and now that they're about to sail off the edge of the political world he wants to refute the reality that he is the father of this bastard Republican child.


  1. Why does Newt even speak? I cannot imagine anyone, even GOPers, asking for, or needing, his opinion on anything.

    1. I think they're swatting him away like a pesky fly.

  2. Oh, the repug decline is been in the works for years. Newt is not relevant anymore, but you are right, he poisoned the well.
    Love that salad, though. Now I want some.


    1. You're so right, Newt did poison the well; he also tried to run for president and failed.