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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Boebert's Boobs

 Well, a good Saturday morning to everyone out there!  The temps were a cool 53 (F) when I got out of bed.  Lily stayed back for a while, until I had the coffee brewed, but when I asked her "potty outside?" she hustled.  Why is it that some dogs hold their bladder until the very last minute?

Supposed our temps are to climb all the way up to 80 (F) today, however after that they're going to slide on down into the mid 70s (F).  Autumn is less than a week away, so I've begun pulling out my sweatshirts and pants for the colder temps.  While I do like the shorts and T-shirts of summer, the sweats of Fall are just as comfy, sometimes more so.  I mean, who doesn't like being bundled in cozy and warm to keep away the chillies?

Dinner last evening was roasted root veggies.  I made enough to cover my break at work today, and lunch tomorrow, though tomorrow I'll be lunching on a chicken thigh as well.  I picked up a pack when I was shopping yesterday.  Lily will be getting the skin, as usual.  What a spoiled little old lady she's turning out to be.

So, I suppose every one of you has seen the still shots and videos of Lauren Boebert's adventure at the theater in Denver by now.  I don't doubt that in her mind she's a Christian and that she asks for forgiveness every day.  What hooey.  If you search, you can find them, and watch them if you want.  There's one where her current boyfriend is feeling her up and it's graphic, no subtlety there, nor is there any subtlety when she's rubbing his crotch.  And yes, she did lie about vapping because there's a video of her sitting in her theater seat blowing out a plume of smoke.  The ugly truth is, pathetically, that Republicans in Colorado will vote for her because it's better to have a loser like her in Congress than a Democrat. 


  1. Her escort is allegedly a Democrat who own a bar that hosts drag shows.
    Seriously, you couldn't make this shiz up.

    1. Remember, it's not his politics she's reaching for.

  2. I'm always impressed by your culinary skills. You put me to shame!

    1. Believe me, sometimes the look a lot better than they taste. This one's okay. The shrimp dish was scrumptious.