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Thursday, September 7, 2023


 So, I slept in this morning.  Not because I stayed up binging some series, either.  I went to bed fairly early, woke up several times during the night, and when the alarm went off at 0530 I shut it off, rolled over and went back to sleep for another hour and a half.

Temps are only supposed to climb into the low 90s (F) today, that is until the storms arrive.  For the next 4 days we're supposed to be getting rain, which means I need to mow my front lawn sooner rather than later.  Temps are also supposed to chill, meaning they will only climb into the low 80s (F)

Yesterday was odd.  I was expecting several deliveries and that crimped any plans for a decent workout, the last thing I wanted to do was stand in the doorway signing for a cabinet, or a sink, dripping with sweat.  And since not everybody rings the doorbell, riding the bike on the second floor was not really a good option.  Hopefully, I'll make up for it today.

And, of the things I signed for yesterday was this.

And yesterday a judge ruled that 2 of the Georgia 19... (it is nineteen, isn't it?  or is it 18?) cannot sever their trials.  That's right, Powell and Chesebro are going to be tried with the rest of the defendants.  This is not good news for those wanting to separate themselves.  Also, for those really interested, you could watch the proceedings live on YouTube.  Since neither Syd nor Jimmy were in the courtroom, I didn't really pay it too much attention.  

A good laugh was had by all this morning over the Orange Anus's comment about taking the witness stand during the trial.  That will never happen because that would mean he'd have to answer questions, and using the 5th on televised TV would make him look like the loser he truly is.  Prepare yourselves, he's going to sink even lower.

Finally, I saw that DeSantis' supporters are beginning to see the writing on the wall.  Did they really believe America was going to accept a shrill, little man who doesn't have a problem with Nazis?  I wonder if Social Conservatives realize that Nazis believe in the Arian Nation and Jesus is not going to get an invitation to that party.


  1. Ohh cute sink! It's gonna look great (and I find this kind of sink very practical!).
    As for Mango Mussolini? Every day he's cagier and more deranged. Just wait until those 18-19 defendants start saying it was all his idea?
    Shit's gonna fly.
    Get the popcorn ready.


    1. I'd heard that Jenna Ellis is very close to flipping because... well, otherwise she'll go through the rest of her life with trreadmarks.

  2. At the rate the Republicans are going it should be a cakewalk for Biden to get back in, unless he really fucks something up.

    Me myself and I have been enjoying this hot human weather. Has your well aware I'm a hot house flower.

    1. I don't mind the weather as long as I can turn on my A/C

  3. I am ready for the inmate to testify and tie himself up in knots and other entanglements.