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Sunday, September 3, 2023

The Spawn

 Well, we are halfway through the Labor Day Weekend.  The temps are supposed to be quite warm, meaning in the mid 90s (F) and that means my Central Air might actually have to work.  That's fine.  I don't mind if we have a few warm days.  

Business was fairly slow yesterday, and it will be even slower today.  Tomorrow? it's anybody's guess simply because there is this mindset out there that holidays equate to big sales for everything.  For appliances?  Yes.  For flooring? No.  Now that doesn't mean online products might be reduced, corporate does that sometimes, they just don't drop them in the stores.  As you might expect, with the kitchen redo coming up, tomorrow I'm going to be purchase my sink and dishwasher, though I'll have to check.  Sometimes you can't get your military discount if there's a big sale going on, corporate sees that as double dipping.

For dinner last evening I had a 3 bean salad with Romano cheese.  Tasty!

And there was a bit of a rumble yesterday as Donald, the Orange Anus, Trump threw his son Eric, the dumb, under the bus.  I do believe the infighting in the Trump family is going to be horrendous.  Anyway, during deposition for his New York trial, the OA said that Eric was the one who  had "ultimate decision-making authority" with the Trump Organization's business decisions because the OA was far too busy doing other things. This makes Eric the front man and the one totally responsible for all of the lies and deceit.  So, will Eric fight back?  There is a possibility since he is the spawn of the spawn of Satan.


  1. Eric will take the hit because he's THAT stupid.

  2. I had forgotten how easy it seems to be for the Trump family to throw each under the bus. Wonder if Ivanka and Jared are on the hit list!

    1. I'm sure everyone is on the list, there isn't a single loyal cell in that family.