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Sunday, September 10, 2023

I'm up with that

 Sunday... and it's going to rain.  Yep, there's an 80% chance of showers, thundershowers, and possible flash flooding in Central PA.   The temps are barely going to climb into the low 80s (F), but the air is going to be ripe with humidity.  That means sticky.

Yesterday was an odd day at the store.  I was busy but not with a lot of business.  I dealt with customers who didn't really want to buy.  Still, the six hours spent at the flooring desk went by rather fast, which is fine with me.  After today, my schedule for the next couple of weeks seems to be set at 20 hours per week, and the only day I'll be starting before 1:00 PM is on Sunday, like today.  That works for me.

At first, I was a little concerned about being without a kitchen sink for 2 - 3 days, then I realized that I really only need it for water for Lily and for coffee in the morning.  This means meals will most likely be microwaved, or take out, or order out.  That works for me.

Following yesterday's horrific notification of the death of one of my classmates, another woman took matters into her own hands and today there's a photo of Mr. Ruppenthal, as well as a nice write-up.  I didn't check, but the Happy Birthday Death Notice might have been taken down.  

For those who didn't know it, Trump was at a football game in Iowa yesterday and got his Orange Anus booed.  I'm sure he was outraged.  He desperately needs the loyalty of his cult to at least get the GOP nomination.  The longer he and his cult foist his evilness upon the public, the worse it will be for Republicans.  That's enough to make we want to revive Up With People!  I can handle that.

Saw this, too.  Sometimes you don't need a thousand words.

Can we talk about being ducky dandy truthful?


  1. Lotsa middle fingers aimed his way, too, as well as a plane flying overhead dragging a sign that read: "Where's Melania?"

    1. That Melanie thing is really catching on, isn't it?

  2. Had to laugh at the hat selling!

    1. It is the only thing he can do other than lie, and cheat, and gouge, and...