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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Worse Than Nothing

 So, it's Sunday and I'm wondering is this the last day of the week for you, or the first day of the week.  I ask this because work schedules for the giant home improvement retailer I work for start on Monday, however the "request off" calendar has Sunday as the first day of the week.  I suppose this is an example of religion influencing our lives since our founders, long since retired (one or two might even be dead) were Jewish.

Thunderstorms did roll through yesterday and as a result, we are cooler today.  I woke up this morning thinking that perhaps I shouldn't have packed away my winter blankets yet, that maybe they could have lain on the bed for another 2 or 3 weeks.  

Work was so slow.  I did have a carpet installation go through.  The customer was incredibly cheap, and we've switched to new software so doing the changes he was requesting to save $20 lor $30 dollars are very cumbersome.  His total cost was less than $1000 for a staircase, a hallway/ landing and a bedroom.  After all of the changes had been done, he ended up going back to his original selections.  Then when he went to pay, he didn't know which of his 2 debit cards to use; he'd thought he'd lost one, had it replaced, and instead of destroying the first card still carried it around in his wallet.

And, for those who haven't been paying attention, the justices of the Supreme Court punted on the use of Mifepristone rather than rule.  Instead of the punting, many are focused on Alito's dissent.  He was not too kind to the female justices for not agreeing with him.  No surprise there.  He's an asswipe, always has been.  For those who haven't realized it yet, he does believe women are subservient, and I'm certain to have to treat three of them as equals galls the hell out of him.  Now, isn't that nice?

And evidently quite a few people don't want Trump to run for president.  An AP poll, which is somewhat reliable, noted that almost half of the Republican part understood his running for president was a bad idea.  About 60% of Republicans want him to run.  Without him they are nothing.  What they don't realize is that with him they are worse than nothing.


  1. The owners of our company are Jewish also. It's the first place I've ever worked we're Saturday is the first day of our week. That doesn't really affect me since I work Monday through Friday. I got most of my gardening done till the rain hit. Which was lovely. That was a good soaking rain which we needed not to mention saved me water

    1. I had to work yesterday, so the rain didn't bother me.

  2. When I hear about people like Justice Alito I kinda wish they have 10 daughters and no sons. Might straighten their thinking out a little!

    1. Honestly, I do believe he would make sure he didn't have 10 daughters so the problem couldn't come home to roost.

  3. Well, I wrote a comment and I don't know where it went so I'll try again. If it went to comment moderation, then please delete this comment. The first day of the weekfor my company is Saturday. Alito's first name should be Asshole. The two names go so well together. If Trump gets the nomination, and I think he will, then the Republicans will vote for him rather than risk a vote for someone who is a decent human being.