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Sunday, April 16, 2023

Blue Check Failure

 Because we had rain yesterday... a heavy downpour from a thunderstorm, little yardwork was done.  This morning we're under a dense fog advisory, but only until 0830.  Temps today are supposed to climb into the lower 80s (F), but then they're supposed top drop.  Tomorrow, our outside temp is going to crater in the mid 50s (F), to the dismay of those who love warm, sunny weather.

Since working outside was a no, no yesterday, I stayed inside and painted trim.  The hallway is finally finished and I began working on the bathroom.  The new door to the new laundry room got a coat of oil primer and the beadboard along one of the walls got its first coat.  

I do get to go to work today.  6 hours.  We're in the middle of our Spring Black Friday (it ends today) which is geared around our garden department.  This is the time of year when people mulch their lawns.  A long drive-thru is created so that after people pay for the many, many bags of mulch, all they have to do drive down an aisle in between the pallets of mulch and we'll load it right into their vehicle.  We call it the mulch pit and it is heavy work.

My black tulips, at least they're supposed to be black, are coming along nicely.  Such a shame they only last a few days.

As far as I know, yesterday was a political non-news day.  I usually scan through Twitter to catch the headlines and... well, let's be honest here, Twitter has changed for the worst.  Those people and news platforms I follow are infrequent visitors under my Following tab, though there are lots of people there whom I don't follow, people I don't want to follow, like Republicans.  The For You tab no includes Tweets from Fox News and its propogandists, as well as a number of insurrectionist Republicans.  Where as I used to flick down through to see tidbits and headlines, now I rarely open the app.  According to the Washington Post its value is decreasing daily.  And starting tomorrow, Twitter will officially become a paid subscription app, that Blue Check is going to coast you $15 a month.  I didn't pay for that Blue Check when it was cheap, I'm sure as hell not going to pay a higher price.  In reality, it now proves nothing.


  1. Tulips are one of my favorite spring flowers and like you said they never last as long, as say hyacinth or daffodils. But man to our lilacs smell good right now. I have a big bush outside my window so when I wake up in the morning it's all I can smell it's heavenly.

    I was just a Highland Gardens and got a slew of new annuals to plant to add in around the garden but that didn't get done. But the rain was welcomed. And I enjoyed that dense fog immensely when I got up, almost like being all my recent trip.

    1. All I really do are tulips, roses & daffodils. I had a lilac once but it started to take over the yard.

    2. Yes...Lilac need to be kept in check ever couple years.

  2. Those tulips are absolutely beautiful!! I must get some one day.