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Sunday, April 9, 2023

Happy Easter

 It got cold last night!  32 (F)  Freezing.  At least that was the temp when I checked my phone this AM.  Outside, there was not a hint of frost, so what the actual temps were here in Enola is anybody's guess.  Perhaps I should invest in an outside thermometer. 

Yesterday was slow at work.  Today is going to be even slower.  Except for the non-Christian crowd.  There are quite a number of Asians living in the area and very few of them are part of the Peter, Paul, and Matthew crowd.  Some will undoubtedly show up and ask what's on sale.  

Evidently our blue competitor is closed today.  We have some associates who don't understand they're not treating it as a paid holiday, they're just closed.  These same associates fail to realize that store is closed in order to appeal to a specific group of individuals.  Blue management realizes sales are going to be low and they understand that the Peter, Paul, and Matthew crowd will approve and, hopefully, spend their hard earned dollars there, rather then come to our secular orange store.  Of course, that does mean they will disappoint the large non-Christian Asian crowd who has no problem spending money on Christian holidays.

To be honest, I have some good friends who are deeply religious.  They're good friends because they don't push their beliefs on me, by the same token, I don't push my beliefs upon them.  Because of this we are constantly learning tolerance and understanding from each other.  I think this is how it's supposed to be. 

Anyway, here's a picture of an Easter Bunny.  Happy Easter, y'all.


  1. Happy Easter Dave!!! I don't think our showroom is open today either. But who the hell shops for furniture on a Sunday?

    Off to start the cooking now!

    1. I made pork and sauerkraut to take to work... I know, wrong holiday, but I was hungry for it.

  2. Replies
    1. I hope you had a very good holiday weekend!

  3. Yeah, I noticed that your Blue Competitor was Closed Today when I visited our Secular Antique Mall which is right next door. I agree with your assessment about how we should all respect one another enough to not push our Beliefs upon others or have them not Honor us in the same way. Happy Easter Dave, however you decided to spend the Day.

    1. I worked, and they brought in donuts and I ate way too many.