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Thursday, April 20, 2023

The Body Under Ice

 The Body Under Ice is now available to be purchased at both Barnes & Nobel and Amazon.  I've been told that this one sucks you in, which is nice to hear.  

The Synopsis:

Winter bike races are rare, so Eli and Max were excited to watch the Pee Paw, a fat tire bike race across the ice and through the snow surrounding Mackinac Island.  The discovery of four fingers poking through the ice of frozen Lake Huron abruptly ended their plans.  Assembling their team, they were not prepared for the web of gossip, lies, and deceit hindering their investigation.  Finding out that everything they are told needs to be questioned, they wonder just who among the townspeople can they trust as they work to solve the mystery of The Body Under Ice.

The Cover:


  1. Replies
    1. After the books are published, the artist signs them for me.

  2. I should get the ones you wrote already, and read them consecutively....

    1. You might want to start off with this one, I understand it sucks you in.

    2. And Heaven's knows that's one of my favorite pastimes.