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Wednesday, April 19, 2023


 So, is everybody ready for Hump Day?  There are readers out there who still feel that there is some importance in noting that they are halfway through the work week.  Thanks to Covid, those who work at home no longer see much purpose in having Hump Day, and those in retail have always though it rather absurd.  Things change and adapting to those changes is essential for good mental health.  

While I didn't work yesterday, I did pay a visit to the store, and not to make a purchase.  They're having a Silent Auction which starts tomorrow.  For me, Silent Auctions are a way to eliminate those household possession no one wants to be gifted.  This time, I've donated my PS4 Pro.  It was one of those "mistake" buys that I thought I would play more; well I didn't.  I was not impressed with the games offered, so the console took up space and gathered dust.  I did offer it to people.  There was little interest because the PS5 has been out for some time now.  No gamer wants an old console.  However, at a Silent Auction, there's a good possibility someone will take interest because... well, people do like to bid on things.  They think they're getting a deal and a there are quite a few who simply cannot turn down a deal.

And, of course, everyone knows Dominion settled with Fox News out of court.

Many were upset Dominion chose this path rather than follow through with their lawsuit.  Even if they had won, Fox would never have to publicly admit to lying.  That wasn't what this lawsuit was about.  Dominion wanted Fox to pay, and they did.  What the settlement did deprive Americans was the daily reports of how badly Fox lied.  Of course, Dominion did release a lot of examples of that before the trial actually commenced.  There's no doubt in most minds that Fox is a cancer on the skin of cable news.  What we don't know is what type of internal changes will take place at Fox to avoid further lawsuits... oh, wait, there are still a number of lawsuits waiting to go to court.  Now, isn't that nice.  The more pressure that gets put on the Murdochs, the better things will be in the world.  This isn't saying they'll change, however they might modify.


  1. I think that's so funny if they caved in before the hearing started. What a huge amount, that's got to hurt Fox. And I hear they're being sued by someone else? And that amounts even bigger. Maybe they'll go off the air. Wouldn't that be a nice thought?

    1. Yes, they're being sued by Semantic, another company that puts out voting machines.

  2. Dominion is a corporation. Corporations like money. Dominion got a lot of money. End of story.
    Dominion is not the ACLU. What dominion did was open the door to the myriad lawsuits (including stakeholders, natch) that will come and will give Fox News the paper cut death: one a thousand million dollars leaving their pockets. Dominion demonstrated that Fox will never do discovery. Blood in the water.
    I approve.


    1. I approve as well. The door is now open and Fox will continue to lose money.