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Thursday, April 13, 2023

School's Out

 Well, our temps hit 84 (F) yesterday and our forecast high for today is 88 (F).  There is a heatwave moving across the country.  I think we should all enjoy it for now, because temps are going to fall back into the normal range within a few days.  By Monday, the 15th our temps are predicted to be back in the mid 60 (F) range.

I'm going to invest some money in one of those wheely things you wind your hose around. (not the kinky type).  In fact, I did the bold thing and just ordered one.  It's a garden hose reel with 124 feet of hose that will need to be attached to the side of my house.  It should be arriving Saturday.

And I did cut a branch or two down using my saw on a stick.  I'm off tomorrow and a bigger bough on the maple tree on top of the hill behind my house will be coming down.  I will have to get out my chainsaw to cut it up once finished.  This is fine.  My yard is darkened and in shadow by way to many leaves.

I was surprised this morning when I woke up to get a text from my brother letting me know I was getting a belated birthday present:  Tickets to see Alice Cooper in concert at the Hershey Theater.  I've always like Cooper, even owned a few of his albums, but was surprised to see his tour was stopping at Hershey.  Tickets were very pricey and while I didn't mind paying that cost to see Paul McCartney or Elton on his farewell tour, for Cooper I thought they were a bitt to exorbitant.  Well, surprise, surprise, I'm going to see Alice Cooper on April 30.

A brief comment on the Dianne Feinstein issue:  she needs to resign.  She's 89.  She needs to put her ego aside.  I've seen people her age and older who are extremely functional, however, I do not believe they should be put in charge of helping out country run.

Ronnie DeSantis is running directly into the brick wall known as Donald, the Orange Anus, Trump and not loving it.  Tough.  DeSantis has never seemed to be an intelligent man, his only smarts being in that he thinks the MAGAs are destined to rule the United States.  His war with Disney show full fledged idiocy.  Lucky for America he's a Republican.  He will never stand down or back away, that would mean he'd made a mistake and Republicans never make mistakes.


  1. Now THAT'S a lovely birthday gift!!!!

  2. We need one of those hose reel things! Our hose is always either stretched across the whole damn yard or else in a pile near the faucet, getting kinks.

    You're right about Feinstein. People in their 80s (late 80s, at that) can be very healthy and active, but that's just too old to be in these kinds of positions. At least in our country where the two political parties are always looking to take advantage of weakness in the other side should something happen to her. If the politicians (mostly the GOP) could be fair and decent it wouldn't matter, but look what they did when RBG died. Fuckers.

    1. That was my hose last year, a trip trap, not so this year.

  3. Ohhh and I was thinking about your hose wrapped around one of those things.
    Oh well.
    And Alice Cooper? Very cool. I have never owned any of his records. But I have never owned any of Ozzy's records either and they are both iconic.
    Feinstein is literally cockblocking uncle Joe and his nominations. She needs to go. I read gossip like a year ago about somebody in government with Alzheimer's. Bet it was her.
    As for Meatball Ron, it's gonna be bloody, it's gonna be dirty and it's gonna be good. Mango Mussolini IS gonna run because it's his only salvation and desperation is a very good incentive to fight.
    Get the popcorn!


    1. Feinstein's ego is to blame. We do need to have either term limits or age limits. Oh, and I knew your mind would swivel around that reel.

  4. Chainsaw? You big Butch thing!

    Dianne Feinstein? Are we even sure she's even still alive and not just being propped up like in Weekend at Bernie's?

  5. I don't think DeSantis realizes that while he make get away with this BS in Florida, he'd never get all that done running a country.

    1. You are so right, that man is dumb as a brick.