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Friday, April 21, 2023

Elon's Premature Ejaculation

 Well, here we are again, at Friday.  Who'd have thunk the days could fly by so fast.  It seems like yesterday we were also enjoying the end of the work week.  Well, I guess I should clarify that, work week for some, not me.  I'm scheduled to work tomorrow and Sunday.  This is how it goes.

My movie buddy Patty and I were supposed to go see Renfield last evening.  We did... and we didn't.  When we got to the theater we found out that they changed the start time.  On Sunday when I looked it started at 8 p.m., however at some point in the week they changed the start time to 7:15 p.m. so we arrived at our local AMC too late.  I was a little irate, since I want to see that movie in the theater.  

I was out doing yardwork again.  Today I'll be out again to mow the lawn.  The joys of being a homeowner.  I'm also working on getting rid of the English ivy.  I bought a spray that's supposed to kill it.  I will probably use it this afternoon on the ivy that is growing in the front yard hedge.  

Yesterday, I also installed a retractable hose outside.  It will still need to be taken down in the winter, but no longer will I be coiling it up on the sidewalk in front of the faucet.  Yippee for me!

And for those who didn't know, yesterday Elon Musk had a very public premature ejaculation so to speak.  His very large rocket lifted off and then exploded.  Everybody in the world is talking about this because... well, he's turning out to be such a dimwit.  The town where he located his launch site is not happy with him.  The dust cloud kicked up was immense, lots of clean-up to be done.  

Yesterday was also the day he took away the Blue checks on Twitter... sort of.  They disappeared from so many names and groups, but not all.  Stephen King still has one, though he says that he isn't paying for it.  I believe him.  And, evidently, Twitter can take away the Blue check, but they can't take away the verification they originally did.  Searching with certain filters shows even without the checks people are still verified.  Elon's turning out to be a real dolt.


  1. Hahaha
    Oh Elmo and his projects. They all kind of fails spectacularly at some point or another. The apologists are out in force on twitter, excusing his failure(s).
    Oh, and Elmo is also paying for Stephen's and many other people's blue checks. How about that? Shatner and LeBron's are payed by Elmo's too. Great business model.
    And you're fighting that Ivy and I'm in a death stare contest with some dandelions. Hate them.


  2. Tesla & Twitter stock value sinking, Starship flames out on 4:20 day, and Tesla car prices are being reduced to try to boost sales. Maybe, just maybe, Elon isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. Also saw that a good-sized chunk of destroyed launch pad bounced out and demolished an SUV parked in a safe zone. Pity.

    1. I saw that, too. As I said, the townspeople are very unhappy with Elon.

  3. I actually took a half day today cuz it's so glorious out.... plant a new annuals and putting some perennials in.

    I can't even think of Elon having a penis to ejaculate with. Did you really use that in a sentence. I think of it as looking like one of those little hot dog weenies.

  4. What a great blog post title!


    1. Metaphorically speaking, I think that's what happened.

  5. I am enjoying a 4-day weekend but I would be enjoying it a lot more if the weather was a little nicer. Good luck with the yard work and I like the looks of that new hose gadget. I might have to visit your employer to check it out. Hope you get to see Renfeld soon. It looks very interesting.

    1. Yeah, that hose is great. Hopefully, if Renfield is still playing, I'll get a chance to go see it this week. Box Office hasn't been that good, so who knows.