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Monday, April 24, 2023

Branching Out

 We had a freeze warning last night, however the temps only dropped down to 38 (F) here.  There's another warning for tonight.  There are those who jump the gun when it comes to their spring planting here in Central Pa, so these are nights when they need to cover their seedlings.  The fact that they should have waited probably occurs to them, not that it's going to make any difference.  If they planted too early this year, they most likely did the same thing last year, and will do the same thing next year.

Being that tomorrow's temps are supposed to also be on the cool side and I'm not scheduled to work, I am planning on painting more of the trim in my house.  There is also a border in the bathroom that needs to be taken down prior to painting that room.  That's a chore I'm not looking forward to doing.  Standing on a ladder with a steamer is not something that I look forward to doing.

Remember that peach tree that was growing so crookedly?  I cut it back so there was only a thin stump sticking out of the ground for one reason:  New Growth.  I'm sure some thought that was a terrible thing to do, that the tree was not going to survive.  Well, I took this picture this morning.  Just look at all the new growth.  I will have to pick up a bag of topsoil to nestle around those new branches.

And, speaking of branching out, Ronnie DeSantis is in Japan because he's an undeclared candidate for president.  He truly represents the Republican heart: selfish through and through.  There are many problems in the Sunshine State.  Flooding in Fort Lauderdale for one, that dumb Ronnie believes his minions are taking care of... they aren't, at least not to the satisfaction of many of the residents.  What Ronnie's obsession is proving over and over again is that in the real world, he is dumber than a doornail.

And Nancy Mace, a GOP rep from South Carolina said the ugly truth out loud regarding abortion.  Republicans are not reading the room.  Not that any of us will find that surprising.  Republicans have never read the room, it has always been far easier for them to cater to the group they believe will hand them the most votes.  That's why they kiss the ass of the NRA.  It's never been about reading the room.  That would imply that there is some intelligence  there.  Case in point:  Marjorie Taylor Green, who makes Ronnie DeSantis look like a certified genius..


  1. When we were buying some new annuals, I was surprised by the ones buying en mass perennials. We never plant those till after Mothers Day as the rule. Ascombe even had huge warning signs about planting them too soon.

    The Repukians reading a room??? HAHAHAHA. They always say to listen to what your people want...but then they don't practice what they preach. They are beyond OUT OF TOUCH and working for themselves at this point.

    1. Hats off to Ashcombe's! We don't do that, probably because after their seedlings die, customers will come back to buy and bunch of tomato plants.

  2. Trees tend to find a way to grow :).

    1. I know, that's why I had no problem cutting it so far back.

  3. You must have a spy camera on my place because yet again I've stuck my seedlings out in the garden because "it can't possibly freeze again now". And it routinely does, which is why they tell you not to plant out until after 15 May!

  4. Awww so glad the pear tree is coming back!!
    And you know Meatball Ron already made sure he can be both governor and run for president: he rigged the rules in his state. As you said typical repug.
    And repugs will never read the room, dear. You know they go on greed, power hunger and lust. That's their credo.


  5. Ronnie is getting laughed at all over the place.