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Monday, September 13, 2021

More Power to Them

Monday has arrived.

Yesterday, the first day of my 3 day unweekend, weekend was quite.  I drove down to York to have lunch with my friend Betsy.  It is always good to spend quality time with like minds.  

Justin came and mowed my lawn.  He will need some direction, but then I wasn't expecting him to read my mind and know exactly what I needed done.  He was pleased to tell me he's in the process of getting vaccinated.  His father had Covid - bad.  He's one of those who actually survived intubation, though his lungs are pretty much shot.  Teeny weeny little blood clots did a job and in his weakened state he developed a heart inflammation.  He has a long road to recovery.

One of the plants in my tank is flowering.  Tomorrow, if the back continues to improve, there will be a thorough cleaning.

Did anybody else see the bit about the Republican Senator from Alaska who's not allowed on Alaska Airlines because of her anti- vaccine, anti-mask stance.  Notice, I say stance rather than beliefs.  She will clean to her party's diatribes; to do otherwise might cost her votes.  Of course, unable get a flight out of Alaska might prove to be worrisome given she needs to be in Washington to vote against everything the Democrats want.

And a number of different surveys are showing that there is very little that will change an anti-vaxxer's views.  This is a group who's so stringently held beliefs will be with them from the cradle to the grave, literally. 

And evidently Biden's mandates about getting vaccinated or tested have driven the Republican party into a tizzy.  Can't you hear their shrieks and moans?  They are in a real mess.  Legally, the Supreme Court has upheld such mandates in the past.  They have a big problem.  You see, people want their lives to go back to normal, pre-Covid, and the only way for that to happen without clogging up the hospitals with Covid patients is for people to get vaccinated.  Their desperate ploy which they believed would ring loudly in the ears of a majority, is falling mostly on deaf ears, in fact they are now dealing with a backlash.  This is fine.  In fact. I say more power to them.


  1. Actually, that senator in Alaska is state senator, though why she can't just drive is a question for the ages.

    In Columbia SC a police chaplain has diedf rom COVID because he thought 'God' would save him.
    He was wrong.

    1. That's what I get for skimming through an article too fast.

  2. Love the flower in your tank!
    And I hope Justin gets vaxxed STAT. His dad is a good example of what COVID can do.
    The repugs were trying to kneecap Uncle Joe's success with the vaccines and shot themselves in the balls. Pity.


    1. They did more than shoot themselves in the balls, and just to please the Orange Asshole.

  3. I love the tank flower! Sort of looks like a underwater peace lily, or a turned on penis.

  4. Why do you think the democrat led Congress are exempt from vaccine — just a question.

    1. Except for 2 dumb ass Republicans they're all vaccinated, so... what's your question?