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Saturday, September 14, 2019

War Paint

Well, today is my Friday.  There you have it.  My days will be eternally screwed up.  Everybody else thinks it's Saturday.  I wonder what day it is on Ceti Alpha V...  Does anybody out there know?
I interviewed for the COS position yesterday.  Il y a un petit probleme.  The position does not get consecutive days off.  Shit.  Right now they're looking at Sunday and either Wednesday or Thursday.  You know me and my desire to have consecutive days off.  I told them I would have no problem working Sunday if I could get Wednesday and Thursday off... as a weekend.  Believe me, this is a no-fly zone if they don't agree.
Lily's booboo paw is gone.  Yesterday she was as bouncy as ever.  This has happened from time to time with all of my dogs.  They remind me of small children who turn a minor pain into a major medical situation.  Like so many things in life, the booboo paw will pass.
I'm probably going to drop out of that cycling challenge.  Not because it is excruciatingly difficult, it isn't.  Looking back on my cycling record, four days per week of cycling is my norm.  I get really good cardio with that.  My leg muscles continue to gain strength.  Time gets in the way of 5 days per week.  Usually 1 - 2 days per week I end up staying late at work.  That throws my schedule off.  Sometimes I actually have to come home and... well, do stuff other than cycling.  Household chores, you know?  I've no problem getting in 4 days... but 5 seems really illusive.  As long as I'm getting over 200 miles a month in, I'm happy.
So, the dust from the last debate has just about settled.  Evidently, they're saying Teflon Joe is still the number one seed.  The growing consensus is that the dust-up will be between he and Warren.  Just think about it.  This woman the Idiot Jerk in the White House has denigrated might be the one leading the Democrats and Independents on the War Path.  I don't care if you like her or not.  I have just one thing to say:  Put on your War Paint!!


  1. Glad the doggie is better!
    And good luck with the new post. Hopefully you’ll be able to negotiate those days. Once we get in a groove at work, it’s hard to change.
    200 miles a month is NICE! I would go to seed if my watch didn’t remind me I need to close my circles every day.
    And it’d be so sweet if it is Biden/Warren. Or Warren/Booker. Or Warren/Buttigieg. I’d buy popcorn for that last one.


    1. At this point it's still too early to tell... wait until the primaries begin.

  2. lily the drama queen. but happy to hear her paw is not serious.

    1. Seig is just as bad. I suspect it's more like 'woe is me... give me a hug.'

  3. He, warren and Pete were by far the best again. Mt my ex says Warren will not win against trump. Not enough people like her enough and the dumb shits will still vote for the ass, just like they did last time because they didn't like Hillary enough.

    Have a good one, glad you like the picture of my cock too.

    1. If it were 2016 I'd agree, but now soooo many people hate the Idiot Jerk. His approval rating as dropped to 38% and most now realize he will only get worse.