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Sunday, September 29, 2019

It's a little dark

So, I stopped off at T-Mobile and bought myself a new USB cable for my phone.  Now it charges.  I'm happy.  I don't need to buy a new one.  Though, I checked out Google Pixels while I was there.  Mine is 2.5 years old.  I usually hold on to them for about 4 years.
"So, this is Me" was lamenting about the approach month of October.  This might make him cringe horrifically.  On October 7, our store is getting it's Christmas set.  For 2-3 days little orange elves will putting up Christmas trees, filling shelves with decorations and lights, and setting up hideous, inflatable lawn ornaments.  
I've been playing around with the GoPro making little videos of this and that.  I have to experiment with light to see what looks good, what you can see, and what doesn't work... at all.  Here's a dark shot of me walking the dogs early in the morning.  You can hear me telling the GoPro to stop recording at the end.  We are approaching an apartment building lit by a streetlight.

Isn't this fun!!!
There are a number of things I find amusing about this whole Impeachment process, things that are being said.  One of them is that the Idiot Jerk was blindsided, that he and his sycophants and henchies have no plan on dealing with proceedings.  This makes sense because all he's done is lie to himself (and them) about how popular.  He watches Fox News, which only recently has begun to run stories about his falling behind in the polls.  And he gets mad, that's not what he wants to hear.  He wants praise and glory.  He's a Reality Entertainer with his own Star on the sidewalk in Hollywood.  At least he had a star, I think someone took a jack-hammer to it.  He's been living in a crazy, little world of his own making in which he can do and say whatever he wants.  He goes to rallies which have been finally tuned to appeal to his addled, minority group of white voters.  He's a liar who's been living a lie almost his entire life and everything not catering to those lies is "fake news."  And so he was blindsided, and that's funny.  This man is dumb as a brick.  He's survived this long thanks to his attorneys, all of whom are much smarter  and crooked than he is.  I've said this numerous times, the Idiot Jerk is going to make Richard Nixon look like an alter boy.


  1. Oddly enough my friend and I were talking about my narc former boss yesterday and I was telling her that I seriously believed said narc genuinely believed all her own lies, that she was cleverer and more intelligent than anyone else. It's weird because on her CV she put that she was a former student at the Institut de Français in Nice (she spent a month there and whenever she tried to say anything in French we had to write it out phonetically for her). But just like Cheeto, her self-deception was amazing to behold!

  2. oooooooooooh, such a sexy voice! and I heard the von trapps panting.

    I do hope our guvmint is going to protect the whistleblower; the dumpturds WILL kill him/her if they find out who it is.

    and 10/7 is TOO FUCKING EARLY for xmess shit!

    1. Coming up sometime soon, Lily and Seig prepping for their walk.

  3. Cheeto is a delusional fool blinded by entitlement and cuddled into a false sense of being untouchable by that army of lawyers. He’s used the system to enrich himself (over and over after he bleeds money for being an inept fool) but I hope that ends soon. It would be maddening if it doesn’t.
    And that Go Pro seems like fun.


    1. The GoPro is a lot of fun!

      As for the Idiot Jerk? His own ego has screwed him over.