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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Crazier than Hell

It's Thursday.  Yippee Skipee!  We had a little rain last night with our thunder and lighting... but just a little.  They're forecasting possible thunderstorms until this evening with a real heavy emphasis on the word 'possible.'  These 'possible' storms will keep the temps from hitting the 80's (F) today, but not tomorrow.  I am quite ready for 'cool.'  Yesterday, on the ride home from work, the temp was sitting at a muggy 96 (F).  In my opinion, we should have left those temps behind by now.
Microsoft did an update last evening.  Well, shit.  Normally I have several Windows open, flicking back and forth between them to make comparisons, copy URL's, download pic.  This morning, when I right clicked on the Chrome icon and clicked on 'New Window' I got an error message:  That item is no longer available.  It might have been moved, renamed, or removed.  Microsoft doesn't want you to used Google, or Chrome, they want you to use Bing. I don't like Bing, which is why I've never used it.  So, I just pinned another Google window to my Task Bar.
I was where Tom Steyer is going to be on the Debate Stage.  Idiot.  We really need Congress to outlaw billionaires in the White House.  For some reason, there is a group of voters out there who see that word... billionaire... and honestly believe the best person we can have in the Oval office is a successful businessman.  Nope.  Look what we have now... an asshole from Hell.  Literally.  I saw some sort of nonsense where some Evangelical Crazy Lady has said the White House has been blessed by the Superior Blood of Jesus....   That's the sort of shit his Crazy Christian base love.  It gets them rolling in the aisles and speaking in tongues.  If these people ever truly get in charge we will have a Civil War.  I have no doubts about that.  You see, they would have no problem in creating a Crazy Christian Police State.
Oh, and I saw where some very intelligent Scottish judges has said that Johnson's proroguing of Parliament was illegal.  Smart guys.  They, as well as many others, realize the only reason Boris decided to pull this shit was to Parliament's hands.  They need to lock his Nationalist ass up, or deport him, or do something to shut him up.  Interestingly enough, documents have been released which show a no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic for the UK.  Does Boris care if people get hurt.  Nope.  He will never understand the days of the British Empire are over.  The time has come to transition to a United Europe.  A unified bloc of countries has more power than a single nation. 
As for the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  He's going to get his ass whipped in 2020.  A fitting end is coming to the Moral Degenerate.


  1. I won't be certain ______ will be out in 2020 until it happens.
    I don't trust that band of criminals and thugs and Russian assets.

  2. nothing magic about billionaires, they put their pants on one leg at a time like us common folk.

  3. In fact a lot of them are all screwed up in the head because they believe they're special.

  4. Millionaires are just annoying at this point, especially in this race. Cheeto needs to be kicked out!
    Microsoft is VERY sneaky. I have a PC at work, but I am an Apple fanboy at home. No Microsoft for me.
    Oh and that crazy evangelical bimbo is SCARY. GOD, Have you seen her preaching? Deranged.


    1. Sorry, PC / Android person here. I have a very large, expensive Imac sitting up in my attic. Hard drive crashed about 3 months after the 1 year warranty expired.

  5. I just updated my computer too and bing keeps popping up as the search engine and I hate it. I have managed to get google as my home page now though thank God. Just wish I could get rid of Cortana too but apparently you can't (or at least, it's very complicated)!