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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A walk in the parkWell,

Well, it's Tuesday, another beautiful day and, of course, I'm working.  I'm off most of next week and, of course, it's supposed to be cool, cloudy and drizzly.
I took the dogs to the park for a nice walk this AM.  This is always fun, mostly.  The Nissan Rouge sits higher than the old CR-V which means Big Seig needs to be helped if I put them in the cargo bay.  He's a big dog, about 111 pounds, and he has absolutely no problem being lifted up.  Lily is all bouncy and has no problem.
When ever I take them, I usually do so in the morning, when there are not a lot of people, mainly because I have, in total, about 175 (give or take a pound) lbs of dog which some find intimidating.
I read in the NBC news page this AM that the only reason the Idiot retaliated for the poison gas was because Ivanka was infuriated - evidently nobody else in his family gave a shit.

The park

Well, it's off to work. Hopefully it will be as pleasant a day inside as it's going to be outside.