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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bruce Jenner - Reality Star

As I'd said earlier, I'm more then a bit cynical about  the Bruce Jenner transition, not that he isn't bold for going public, more so in that we don't know if he's going to actually go through with it.  There is so much hype going on right, which is super publicity for his transition reality show.  Yep, I have a problem with that, too.  It's not as though this brave man is going enlighten and educate the public in a newsworthy way.  His show is going to be on "E" Entertainment.

One of that network's biggest hits is "Keeping up with the Kardashians," which is, for the most part, about a family of media whores.  The show does okay for the network, but may be starting to show it's age. 

Yesterday I went into see what kind of news they had on their website and found this was what they reported on:  a Chris Evans story, and something about the Clooney's going to a dinner party.  Here's one of their hit shows called Botched, which evidently coming back for it's 2nd season.  Let's face it, this is pretty much trash / tabloid television; not the place you'd hope to find reputable reporting.  This is the network that is now going to carry Bruce Jenner's, now very public, transition.

Hence my cynicism.  It seems to me the focus is on capitalizing a very personal issue for the purpose of self-exploitation and profit.  If this were about a transgender teenager from Ohio, or Indiana, would "E" Entertainment have the slightest interest?  And when these shows air, with they be trivializing the issues faced in order to make them entertaining?  Is the hope for a ratings coup one of the driving forces here?  We will have to wait and see, won't we.

In the meantime, I thought I'd exploit a picture of Chris Evans wearing a shirt.

You do know "E" Entertainment would see this as a waste of space because he isn't shirtless.  There's nothing sensational about this picture, and that's a problem for them.  They don't want Bruce Jenner, Olympian, they want Bruce Jenner, Reality Star, and I suspect that is truly what Bruce Jenner wants to be.

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