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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The futon, and when to use it.

As part of the plan for my recovery from surgery I purchased a futon.  Why?  Several reasons.  The expensive mattress and box spring I presently own are high... I mean high, like when I sit on the edge of the bed my feet dangle.  While this isn't bad when your back is fine, it's not exactly the best way of getting out of bed after back surgery.

Anyway, the sofa in the living room has seen better days so I thought to myself, I should get rid of it and buy a futon.  I'm not fussy about my furniture.  I don't need to buy "top of the line" or "hand crafted."  It is just furniture, after all, isn't it?  It doesn't need to be expensive, it just needs to be comfortable.  Utilitarian.  Something that can substitute as a bed for a couple of weeks.

So I ordered the one I liked.  It was delivered 2 days ago.

Now all I have to do is assemble it, which I'll do bit by bit.  I have a friend coming over next Wednesday morning to help with the big stuff, like putting the seat / back onto the frame.  If I need any more assistance all I need to do is ask.  I've had quite a few offers.  

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