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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Laminectomies and me

I received the Pre-Op Medical clearance paperwork in the mail yesterday from the Arlington Group (no connection to Arlington, VA) and for the first time got to see exactly what my surgery was going to entail: bilateral laminectomies.  Sounds fun, doesn't it?  I went online to see educate myself, as usual, and realized this was going to be a little more extensive then I'd originally thought.  Ah well, that's life.  It's either have it done or slowly lose the use of first my right leg, and then the left, to arthritis.  If possible, I'd like to save the wheelchair days until I'm in my 80' or 90's.

I also looked at a couple of forums to see what people were actually saying about the procedure and there really weren't that many comments.  And of those few that had been posted about 2/3 were negative.  What surprised me was not that there were negative comments, but that there were so few - one of the forums only had 16 comments since 2012.  That's not a lot.  In fact that's an incredibly small number when you consider the procedures have been performed about 1.5 million times since then.
Anyway, all I'm doing is waiting.  Oh, and playing video games.

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