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Monday, April 20, 2015

Cutting the cable to FIOS

It took over 35 minutes on the phone this morning, but I did cut myself free from cable TV.  Once the FIOS customer service rep realized I was serious and that no "really great deal" was going to change my mind, she was very helpful.  I did increase my Internet speed, and because of that they're sending me a new router.  I told her that once I'm able to move around better I will probably buy my own since theirs comes with a rental charge.  Anyway, what am I saving right now?  About $35 a month, or about $420 per years.  After I install my own router that figure will increase to over $550 per year, which is a rather nice savings.

There was an interesting article in USA Today where a reporter indicated that the new, slimmed down packages being offered by Verizon weren't that skinny.  I checked out their new, select packages to see how much my monthly bill would drop and found that my total savings would be about $5 per month, or $60 per year.  Who in their right mind would call that a savings.  And I would still be saddled with boodles of channels I would never, ever watch.  So I cut the FIOS' cable, after all it is just television. 

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