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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Unreview

One of the things that went through my mind while I was making the arrangements for Gertie's cremation was the need to by an urn.  This was in spite of the fact that an urn was part of the cremation package.  What can I say?  Sometimes we don't think clearly.  Anyway, what I did was to go to Amazon and look at pet urns.  After some time I chose an Egyptian Coptic urn.  It looked nice in the pictures.  However, when I picked up Gertie's ashes they were already in a very nice cedar chest, much nicer then I was expecting.  So, that's where they'll probably end up staying.  This means I have an extra urn on my hands, which is still in the box.  I joked around with an associate saying I could always use it as a cookie jar.  There would be nothing wrong with that, would there?

Anyway, not more then a day after it was delivered I began receiving emails from the seller asking me to leave a review...  And these emails showed up daily.

Still in the box
Anyway, after 4 days of emails I went into Amazon and left a 3 star review which read:
"I haven't actually looked at it yet.  I'm still dealing with the fact that my 5 and a half year old Boxer died in my arms because of a blood clot.  I do think sellers need to understand that not all buyers can pop in a review the minute their product arrives."  Normally with Amazon you receive either one or two responses when you leave a review, either it's been published, or they can publish it because of problems with the review.  On this review I received nothing.  Nor have I received any more emails from Sharon at the Misty Moor.  I suspect this was not the response she was expecting.  At some time down the road I will most likely change my comments.  For the time being, however, all they're going to get is an "unreview."

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