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Friday, March 20, 2015

The first day of spring

Yes, here it is, the first day of spring and we in Central Pennsylvania can look out our windows and see, not crocuses nor daffodils, just more snow.

Here's a shot looking our of my bathroom window of the homes on the hill behind mine.  Excuse the house with the ratty fence, the owner bought it, moved in, put up the fence, and then sold it.  It's a bit of an eyesore for a fairly expensive middle-class neighborhood.

Actually, everything back to the fence belongs to me.  I'd use it but it's at the top of a hill which has a 60 degree grade.  As I'd said, the picture is from my bathroom window, which is on the 2nd floor.  One of these days I'll pay a landscaper to put in a long diagonal ramp so I can get the lawnmower up there and turn it into livable space, most likely after I retire.  In fact, there's more then enough room up there to put in a swimming pool if I like.

Anyway, it is snowing, and it's my day off, and, sadly enough, I did something to my back while at work so I'm spending the day taking meds, using the heating pad, and playing games.  Oh, and I have 2 more reviews to write so I'll probably knock those out of the way.  What a way to celebrate the first day of spring.

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