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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Purpose this

I opened up the box with the canopic jar I purchased for Gertie's ashes and had a look at it.  Very nice, though I won't be using it for its intended purpose, I'm keeping her ashes in the really, really nice cedar urn the pet cremation people put her in.  It's probably cost a bit more then what I paid for the urn.

Anyway, right now the urn is sitting on a small table in the bathroom.  Several people have been giving me suggestions as to a possible use, from a cookie jar (too small) to a decorative vase.  I'll probably end up using for storage of some type, I don't know.  It's nice looking.  It's Egyptian.

There was a bit of literature in the box about what canopic jars were used for during the mummification process.  What is interesting, however, is that it's listed as being a jackals's head canopic jar.  There's no mention of it being designed for pet ashes.  So I'm thinking someone looked at it and said to themselves "gee, that would make a great urn."  What ever, I bought, and I'm not one to make a return simply because it's not something I'm going to use.  I shall just have to find some purpose for it.

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