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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Even managed Vets make money

I've had a busy day - cleaning, cooking, going to the store.. and napping.  I had time to write up two reviews - average associates who are really just satisfied to be average, one is part-time and the other full time.  Both are extremely reliable.

Ordered some Frontline for Sig; only 6 months worth since he's going to be growing for some time and he's almost already out of the small dog grade.  What I ordered should keep him in Frontline until he hits 44 lbs.  I usually don't use it in the winter.  True, some ticks can come out of hibernation when the temperature rises to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but this past February our average daily temp was 22 and the year before that it only managed to get up 38.  January has pretty much the same temps.  December's a bit warmer, but still cold.

Of course this new Vet Group advocates using the Frontline year round, but then I manage my Vet.  They also recommend using Sentinel year round, that's for heart worms and round worms and hook worms and fleas...  Fleas?  That's one of the reasons I use Frontline.

Sig sleeping on some pillows he pulled from the sofa.

I've used Heartguard for years, it does everything Sentinel does, except for the fleas, and is a little less expense.  I plan on continuing to use it.  And, again, I only use it seasonally.  The cold, you know, is not very kind to worms.  They freeze.  Which is why, even though the new Vet group wants me to use it year round, I won't.

When I told them I purchase almost everything online they informed me that they 'price match,' even online orders.  So I wonder if their mark-up is between 75% and 100%, that tends to be the norm.  Anytime someone mentions 'price match' you know they're still making money.

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