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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Johnny Depp murdered The Lone Ranger

As I as looking through various headlines on the MSNBC web one in the Entertainment section caught my eye.  Evidently Johnny Depp is considering giving up acting.  I was truly surprised, you see I thought he'd given it up years ago.  Not that he wasn't appearing in movies, it just seemed as though each character he supposedly was playing need to be more outlandish then the last; the make-up needed to be odder.  In fact, movies in which he wasn't over the top did very poorly at the box office, even one in which he was paired with Angelina Jolie missed the mark.  He became very good at creating caricatures rather then characters. This is not a good thing to build a career on.  People do get tired of seeing weird.  I'm sure Michael Bay thought old Johnny had the Midas touch - boy was Michael Bay wrong.  The instant Dark Shadows started dying at the box office they should have put a halt to the production of The Lone Ranger, of course they didn't. 

No matter how pretty the hero, the guy with the bird on his head is always going to steal the scene.

When they decided to cover his face with make-up to hide the fact that he was not Native American, someone should have told them they had a problem.  When they decided to turn The Lone Ranger into a buddy movie, someone should have tapped them on the shoulder and reminded them just what the movie was titled.  I have some friends who see just about everything which gets released and they chose not to go because "it's more about Tonto."  In the original TV series Clayton Moore was the lead and Jay Silverheels was relegated to sidekick status.  Of course, that wouldn't work for either Johnny Depp or Michael Bay.  Tonto needed to have star status.  I think it's funny that somebody actually thought that make-up was a good idea.  I think it's sad that's how they wanted to Tonto to be played.  I think they're probably reeling at Disney how their concept of Tonto killed the movie.  I'm sure Johnny Depp stepped into this role believing he was going to be the greatest Tonto of all time.  Truthfully?  It was Johnny Depp who murdered The Lone Ranger

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