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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sirius XM - dollars down the drain?

I recently purchased a new car and like many new cars these days it came with a free three month subscription to Sirius XM.  Of course, the first thing I did was to go online and check up just how much this sucker would cost.  If I were to go with the Premier package it would set me back about $200 per year.  I think that's kind of high since the only time I listen to radio is while I'm in the car which in total is about 20 to 30 minutes per day.  You also have to remember I have an Ipod full of music which I have already purchased.  So do I really want to fork over $200 to Sirius?  Since I am not a Rah! Rah! sports fan, those stations would never get played.  I don't like Howard Stern, never have, probably never will.  I never listen to oldies, I've already lived through that shit, I don't need to live through it again. 

There is a slightly less expensive package, but again I have to remind myself just what it is I am paying - commercial free music.  The truth is I have not listen to radio since I purchased my first Ipod, and that was years ago.  I don't listen to Pop Music because it is here today and gone tomorrow.  For those who don't understand, it is the most ephemeral of the arts, being so short lived I'm wondering why we don't just classify it as mindless filler.
Anyway, I have another 2 months and 28 days to make up my mind about Sirius XM.  I will try to remember to listen to it on my 12 minute ride to work and my 12 minute ride home from work.  I will try not to change the source to my Ipod.  At some point I will reach a decision as to whether I consider it worthwhile, or just dollars down the drain.


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