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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Garmin's Crash Vande Velde

Every year I look forward to seeing Garmin's roster for the Tour de France; there are certain cyclists on the team that I like and would like to see there, other cyclists who don't impress me much and I wonder why in the hell is he riding.  I was surprised when two of the cyclists I like, Zabriskie and Farrar, were benched this year.  I was even more surprised to see they were sending Crash Vande Velde.  Most of the world knows him as Christian, me, I like to think of him as Crash.  He crashes a lot.  If you check him out in Wikipedia you'll see that in the past three years he's had to withdraw from the three major races because he'd injured himself in a crash.  He started the tour this year but... had to withdraw because he crashed... twice I believe.  One can only wonder why Garmin didn't have a statistician in the room when they were deciding on this year's roster.  The question should not have been "is he going to crash," but "when is he going to crash."

Vande Velde - just looking for a place to crash

One of the redemptive bright spots of this year's roster has been Andrew Talansky.  For a first timer on the tour he's doing really well.  Someone made a smart decision.  In fact, if you look at the overall General Classification, Garmin's top three riders are all in the mid-twenties.  Their older riders just aren't doing to well, and Crash Vande Velde?  He's out.

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