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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weiner / Filner Jackasses coast to coast

I haven't really been following the Weiner scandal but evidently a lot of other people have, mostly, I suppose, to stretch things out as long as they can, until some other sexting shit hits the fan... Oh, wait, it has out in San Diego, of course they have a bit more, like head-locks, and groping, and forced kissing.  I did the Wikipedia thing on both Anthony Weiner and Bob Filner to educate myself.  First thing I noticed is that Weiner is tall, I mean really tall, six feet five inches tall, in case you didn't know, he is a big guy.  If they have their dates correct, he is 40 and about to do a swan dive into his mid-life crisis, in fact I'm quite surprised he didn't use that as his excuse.  Dealing with slowly dwindling testosterone in addition to the realization you life, for most purposes, is half over, is enough to send any tall, geeky guy around the bend.  Can you blame him for trying to immortalize himself?  So what if the medium he's chosen is a little... risqué?

6' 5" mans big hands, big feet, big.....

And then there is Bob Filner from San Diego, originally from Pittsburgh, where they drank Iron City Beer and made American Steel.  The first thing I discovered about him is that he's old, a lot older then he looks.  He will be seventy-one this coming September.  He's been divorced twice and at the time of winning they Mayoral race was engaged.  However, that relationship ended because, according to his ex, because of his verbal abuse and constant sexting.  Did I tell you this guy is going to be 71 in September?  He is doing everything he can to prove to himself he isn't nearly that old.   Of course at his age he doesn't really have a lot of time to just court and spark, hence, I suppose, the neck lock.  It's a good thing he didn't grow up on a dude ranch, otherwise things might be a low worse for him

There's no fool like an old fool
Besides the fact that both of these men are jackasses and one is on the East Coast and other on the West Coast, what else can I say?  How about one is an exhibitionist and the other a control freak?  How about that both are in denial about some very serious issues?  I suspect Bob Filner has been acting the same way most of his life, it's just that he can't get away with it anymore.  As for Anthony Weiner?  I suspect he's desperate for something and in the end it may just boil down to a need for attention.

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