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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wiggins, Tejay, and Evans parasite...

Tomorrow is the final stage of the the 2012 Tour de France and Bradley Wiggins of Team Sky will be the first Brit to win in 99 years.  I like things like this.  Multiple winners are nice but I like to see the fame get spread around.  Winning too many times makes people suspect and too often their suspicion is like that old adage "where there's smoke there's fire."  I have to also say I like Team Sky, except for Canvendish, but then I have this distaste for sprinters; they can't climb, just tag along through out the stage and rush in for the win.

Wiggins' Time Trial

Today was the last Time Trial and Wiggins kicked ass, but then it is his specialty.  He wanted to crush the competition and he did.

There was an interesting interview with Tejay Van Garderen in which he was asked what it felt like to pass Cadel Evans on the road (when that happens during a TT the passer is riding superbly and the passee is usually choking on his bad legs).  Very astutely his said he did not feel as though Evans was passing the torch to him, rather, Evans had been dealing with some health issues.  I then recalled someone saying he'd dropped so far behind because he had a parasite.  Maybe he has a tapeworm or, and this is more likely, he's full of horse shit.  Instead of saying he had a bad leg day he's going to blame it on what ever he can, even a parasite.  Still, Tejay comes home wearing the White Jersey for best young ride, and he's only 23.

Tejay in white

That's right, he's a red, white and blue American!

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