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Monday, July 16, 2012

Puresleep whiners

I was watching Through the Wormhole and saw a commercial for Puresleep, it's another  mouth protector device which is supposed to keep you from snoring.  I must say, I was stunned, not by the product but by the commercial.  A young maybe wife / maybe girl friend wakes up a the man she's sleeping with and tells him he needs to go sleep on the couch because he's snoring.  I hate to tell you, but this is horse shit.  She's the one who needs to go sleep on the couch and he needs to tell her, not turn in to a wimp meister and give in.  This is straight from the fifties except in the fifties they would have already been sleeping separate beds.  I don't even know who the target audience is for this stupidity, the (supposed) live testimonials are made by middle-aged couples (there may be one couple that's still in their thirties) but you don't see any twenty somethings.  And, what about gay couples and lesbian couples, is this commercial telling me they don't snore?  Personally, I think it's another bogus, plastic apparatus.

Who ever designed this must have been a jock

Now, doesn't this look like something a boxer might use, or a football player, or hockey player, oh, but wait, this one's special, it's adjustable.  What a waste of money.  Oh, wait again, you can get a second one for traveling, all you need to pay is shipping and handling.  Instead of forcing your partner to sleep with an uncomfortable pieces of plastic in his or her mouth, just tell them to roll over onto their side.

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