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Monday, July 9, 2012

Stage 9 Time Trial - Zabriskie

Today is Stage 9 in the TDF and it's a Time Trial.  There are two types of stages I like, mountain and time trial.  I'm not wild about flat stages because they're geared for sprinters and I think, unfortunately, most sprinters tend to be assholes.  Anyway, I don't make predictions since I usually end up being wrong, what I will do is tell you who I'd like to see win.  That would be Dave Zabriskie.

Zabriskie in last years kit

He's good at what he specializes in and that is Time Trials.  Because of crashes Garmin hasn't done much this tour.  This is his day to do something for the team.  For me, the TDF is all about the stage winners, not the cyclist who happens to win because he has the best time.  A bad crash can send rider to the hospital and end his Tour or knock 13 minutes off of his time, then he's out of it.  Wiggins might win this stage, that would be fine, or Nibali, that would also be fine.  I would not like to see Cadel Evans win.  I used to think he was a good, until I heard him whining and complaining like a 12 year old girl because he lost a stage.  He blamed everybody except himself for his own flawed riding.  Ever since then I consider him worse then a sprinter, and how can you be worse then an asshole.

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